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Internal Audit

Internal audits of processes and businesscases require impartiality and the absolute freedom of instructions for the auditing persons limited to the scope of the goals of the audit. Any applicable legal or internal compliance regulations from the framework for the audit.

Our Services for your Internal Audit:

  • 7 years of experience in auditing
  • Substancial knowledge of audit techniques
  • Assertiveness with reference to the intent of the audit
  • Empathy with the employees and business units involved
  • Sound know-how of business administration, accounting as well as finance and controlling processes

Our Services for your SOX 404 Compliance:

  • Alignment of process flows and control system
  • Integration of new business lines/entities into your SOX 404 environment
  • Stress-tests for your control enviroment as preperation for SOX 404 compliance audits


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